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Business & Culture Advisor 

How can your brand, business or organization reach its full potential? A lot of companies and managers know how to create a strategic plan, but lack the skills to get it moving...


Our tried-and-tested process provides all you need to grow and strengthen company culture. 

We have over 30 years’ experience in developing impactful business strategies for brands and retail channels, and can assist and advise from start to finish. 


Here’s how we work and support:

1. Vision and objectives

Defining your “why” is the starting point for business growth.
Why are you in business? What problems do you solve? What value do you offer? Formalizing your vision statement creates a foundation to build your future on. A clear purpose is a great start toward focus and priority. 


We help you bring your vision to life. We assist to structure governance, set measurable and inspiring objectives, and present a way of working around your what, how, when and who.


  • Vision statement

  • Ownership directives

  • Corporate governance

  • Target identification and goal setting

2. Business strategies, initiatives, planning & executions

A strategy tells you how to reach objectives, based on the market you operate in. We drill down to understand the gritty details – because the more you know about your target customer and their pain points, the more effective your investments in marketing can be. 


We can assist, guide, and positively challenge you through the strategic process based on your ambitions and targets, all while raising internal engagements. And you are better together! 


Get expert advice with:


  • Market mapping - understand your market and customers

  • Competitor analysis - get a full picture of your competitors

  • Target groups – comprehensive segmentation and analysis

  • Health check – internal strength and weakness analysis

  • Opportunities and value propositions

  • User flow analysis – optimize your customer journey

  • Go-to-market – tailored structures and implementations

  • Business planning processes – the blueprint for growth

3. Processes, routines and structures

To scale your business, it’s important to be prepared and structured for growth – scalable processes and routines are key. A clear purpose and objective reduce the risk of misunderstanding and wasted energy. 


We identify your company’s priorities, routines, structure and processes. Simplicity and transparency are vital and the organization is more robust when co-workers take on new challenges.


As an outcome, you can expect:


  • Clear ownership and mandate

  • Faster and better implementations

  • Measurable follow-up and results 


Examples of advice we provide:


  • Product development processes

  • Category planning

  • Go-to-market processes

  • Channel strategy development

  • Gross margin improvement initiatives

4.  Culture, engagement and performance

Great company culture and performance go hand in hand. Both are crucial to secure a company's development, and motivate teams to stay longer, provide better customer experiences and reach for financial goals. 


Behaviors are shaped by common values and a sense of unity. Encouraging your team to unite around shared values is the first step to creating your company culture.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez
"The power of an internal culture that empowers and creates engagements and collaborations through a team of motivated and skilled co-workers, is massive. "
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Martin Netinder

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