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Sales & Marketing Development

Creating sustainable growth, profitability and loyalty means understanding your target market. But it’s more than just who they are – it’s knowing where to find them and how to communicate. Creating growth, profitability, and sustainable relations and loyalty demands so much more than low prices…


We have the answers to help scale your business.


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1. Sales and distribution strategies

To scale and build your sales and distribution initiatives domestically and internationally, you need straight answers on multiple questions. Let us guide you based on our long experience. 


We tailor our expertise to suit your needs. 


We help with:


  • Key account management and implementation

  • Omni-channel prioritization and structure

  • Digital integrations

  • Category planning, structure, and execution

  • Pricing and gross margin improvement initiatives

2. Marketing & Branding

​In today's digital and open shopping landscape, we have access to all offers at our hands. But how do brands and retailers create loyalty and a larger amount of engagement? Keeping existing customers is far more effective and profitable than paying for new ones. What is relevant for existing customers, and how do brands attract new ones? 


Attract the right customers and keep your regulars coming back. With our marketing and branding services, we can help you turn one-offs into loyal ambassadors. 


Where we focus:


  • Customer journey and values

  • Brand positioning and DNA

  • Marketing strategies and trade marketing integrations

  • Attract new customers while increase loyalty with existing customers (CLV)

  • Current situation analysis and SWOT

3. Internationalization

Taking your business international means taking on new markets, with limited experiences. With our strategic approach, you’ll feel supported and confident in your new market venture. 


How we can help:


  • Market potential and analysis

  • Creating winning partnerships

  • Go-to-market strategies

  • Pricing strategies

  • Agreement evaluations and set-ups

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