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High Fives

We are a growth-by-culture specialist in the sporting goods & lifestyle segment who help brands & retailers to scale-up, internationalize and empower internal organizational culture.


Scale. Improve. Perform. More. Better. Faster. Lasting…

What is the exact meaning of growth? Well, it might vary. It can be in size. Or in development. Or the act of processes. In the Collins UK dictionary, growth is something an industry, organization, or idea develops in size, wealth, or importance.


But how do we create growth, and what does it mean for us? And how do we do it in a sustainable way? Well, it starts by knowing your purpose and your objectives. To reach leverage, there are a few things to have in mind. Be prepared, and know why and what you want to achieve. Make sure you have the plan, the right people to execute, resources, and a way of working together.


Then you’re ready. Ready to grow. 


Actions. Habits. Behaviors…

What’s culture for you? Is it art? Or a historical place with a certain heritage from the past?

What lies behind many leading, forward-thinking companies and organizations is their strong and “touchable” culture. It might come from shared, pure interest. Or behaviors we agree on symbolize our framework and connections. The newly named Collins Dictionary describes the culture of a particular organization or group as consisting of the habits of the people in it, and the way they generally behave. 


Having a vision and targets, backed up with a plan and resources, means nothing if the people involved do not work well together. Your potential to grow in your business increases massively if you have the right team who collaborates, challenges, and supports each other but are united by a common culture. With more than 30 years of leadership and international business development in the sporting goods industry, the growth and results built would not be met if the culture were left behind. 


What culture do you want to have, and what do you have? 

How will you embrace change? Where do you start?


It is not a “click here” button to press and change happens. It starts with the purpose of your business. To get this going, what skills do you need, and what habits do you want to see among the team? what will we embrace, and what do we not want to see? 


Let me assist! 

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" With hands-on experiences and know-how in analyzing, planning, executing and monitoring international expansions, we know what it takes."


Martin Netinder


Business & Culture Advisor 

Many companies present detailed, thoughtful plans for their business development and execution toward their visions and objectives. But because leaders sometimes do not get the impact of the cultural power and dynamics, their plans go sideways. As someone said: "Culture eats strategy for breakfast".


Business and culture development are not two separate strategic tasks. The trick is to get it aligned. Solved; it’s the most powerful unity of a company.  


With more than 25 years of leading culture-driven teams, we know the problems. Let's work together.

Sales & Marketing development

Today's retail environment is in great change, and customers have options by hand.  D2C or B2B? It’s not either. It’s to be where your consumers are. Knowing your target consumer, and what problem you solve for them is a start. But knowing also where you find them, and how to communicate to get their attention. Being relevant to them. Through digitalization, brands and e-commerce retail expand outside the nation's borders. Let us help you grow your business internationally!


Are your company or organization in need of straightforward and inclusive leadership while recruiting a permanent solution? Interim management and support can be your solution. It may be needed to stop the bleeding and lead the organization in challenging times. Or merging sales teams, hands-on turn-around cases, or building a new customer journey?


With many years of experience in CEO, director positions, and leadership roles where change management, transformations and restructuring have been prioritized both in Sweden and on international markets, Martin is well equipped to take on interim roles as CEO, Sales- or Commercial Director, Project Manager or equivalent.

Executive Mentoring

Think of a person, with vast experiences from leading fast-paced brands and retail, who listen, challenge, and through questions put focus on solutions and the way forward. As an external resource and apart from the board, we initiate a time to reflect while you are running the business, team, and strategy. One who offers a second opinion or thoughts on various challenges or opportunities connected with culture and growth for example. 


Coming from a background of many years of senior management positions for brands and retailers, we know the challenges that you as a leader might face. Through experiences, Martin has created his platform and tools to handle and act on them. He supports and advises CEOs, Sales Directors, and Commercial leaders in reaching their full potential, their objectives, and delivering on the company's targets. 

Board member

Let us be clear. You do not “participate” in a board. You act, bring expertise and contribute to the development of the company to increase value for owners, customers, and staff.

As a certified board member with skills and experiences within premium sporting goods- and outdoor brands and retail development, international fitness development, international scale-ups, etc, Martin brings valuable expertise to grow, improve efficiency and create holistic brand- and retail experiences.

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